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Lesson 2- Project one: first project: Real Problems, Real Solutions
Create a campaign to promote Raleigh volleyball club:
I’m working on branding The Raleigh Volleyball Club in Raleigh, NC. it’s a sports club for volleyball, mostly juniors age from 8-18 years old.compete in USAV and AAV tournaments. I’m working on branding The Raleigh Volleyball Club in Raleigh, NC. it’s a sports club for volleyball, mostly juniors age from 8-18 years old.compete in USAV and AAU tournaments.

1: Logo sketches:rvc

college recruitment


keeping your focus

level mind

recruitment season

sports stress

strong team


I like to use a very colorful , simplified design empathize on Pie and Vodka V shape. Pie color scheme.

Business card samples: help me up.

March 1, 2017

Crucible is a design competition company

Logo and Color scheme:

Red = Pantone 485C
Black = Pantone black 6C
White = 0000
Yellow = Pantone 101 U
Orange = Pantone 137 U

March 1, 2017

Definition of crucible

To better understand and create GSM for Crucible. I’m looking into the Definition of crucible: vessel of a very refractory material used for melting and calcining a substance that requires a high degree of heat.

 My concept is the  Crucible is a design competition company is a melting pot and melting all the talented artiest and designers into new and exciting metal.


Crucible— a design competition company. In the past (2006-2009), this group ran design competitions (forms, websites, print and magazine designs, television adverts, etc.). Now it is 2015 and they’re opening their doors again. They’re back, but are they bigger than ever, or a lean agency with only top talent in their sites? Next year they will expand to a market in San Francisco. Having this GSM will assure people that a similar approach is available.



Client Worksheet: 

Project Summary

What type of product or service do you offer?

Skills center for computer technologies students.

How long have you been in business?

This is a new center opening called Computer Tech Skills Center

What do you hope to accomplish with your logo design?

Create a simple technology logo that will be recognized across all campuses; eventually we hope to open more centers on more campuses

What are your long term goals?

Provide instructor tutoring help for computer students, particularly networking and programming students

Please describe your existing audience: Teacher and students.

Computer Technologies students.  Average age 29

Who would you like to add to your audience?

All computer technology students from all Computer Technology programs


What type of design would you like? A simple design that can be easily recognized by students regardless of what campus they are on.

Do you have any colors in mind for your design? (if so, why?):  Wake Tech colors are fine; blue and gold

Do you have any specific images or icons in mind that you would definitely like to see incorporated into your logo design?  Not really, we are pretty open-minded at this time





in Progress:





Website in a week is a Hugh challenge:

. Raleigh Volleyball Club is one of the club I’m manage now, the services and Training including:

What kind of training does Raleigh Volleyball Club will provide?
RVC Volleyball Training: Depending on age group and ability of player.
Court movement, Attack movement, Block movement, Defense movement
OVERHAND PASSING – Setter training
INDIVIDULE DEFENSE TRAINING – Defense specialist, Libero
ATTACKING – Outside hitter, Middle hitter
Defense System
Offense System
Polymeric: Vertical Jump, Speed & quickness training
prepare player for college, scholarships, recruiting.
prepare player for middle school, high school JV and Varsity.

We are a group of experience coaches with college, high school and 20+ years of club coaching experiences, (Regional to National level) we monitor players weekly to ensure each player’s development and their volleyball fundamentals.




5″x 7″ postcard:



Mobile design:

My Favorite App:

Ring: (opens in new window)

I choose Ring app because I bought the Ring Stick Up Cam, it came with free Ring Mobil app which is very the functional and easy to use. Ring app is very well designed layout with icons and images.Allow to connet to your neighborhood. you can see the camera thought the app anywhere anytime or watch Motion Detection recorded actions. attached two images.


I’m working on branding The Raleigh Volleyball Club in Raleigh, NC. it’s a sports club for volleyball, mostly juniors age from 8-18 years old.compete in USAV and AAV tournaments.  Sky and hardwood floor with volleyball as buttons.



In progress:





Web news mail:


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